Nov 24, 2015

Pilgrim's Bounty - World Event

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It's that time of year again. Time for Pilgrim's Bounty. This world event holiday runs from November 23 - November 30 and is Azeroth's Thanksgiving Celebration. There are 9 achievements to be completed which grant you the 'Pilgrim" title and a Plump Turkey battle pet.

If you want specifics about the event or more information about completing any of the achievements, visit Wowhead for a complete guide guide to all the festivities.

This post is just to highlight a few things that I try not to miss each year.

1. Cooking - Provides one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways in WOW to level up cooking from 1-300. All cooking supplies are available from cooking vendors in Stormwind, Ironforge, & Darnassus, except for the Wild Turkeys which must be hunted in Elwynn Forest (east of Goldshire). This gives a great start for lower level toons to level up their cooking skill!

Here is the process I use to level up my new toons in cooking to level 280 - 300 and the process also usually grants them 1 - 1 1/2 levels of experience if you do the dailies as well.
a. Begin in Stormwind.
b. Pick up the beginning holiday quest from a holiday commoner in front of either auction house.
c. Go out of the front gates of Stormwind and turn in quest and pick up any available quests.
d. Buy 80 Simple Flour + 80 Mild Spices + 100 Ripe Elwynn Pumpkins + 100 Honey + the Bountiful Cookbook from the Bountiful Vendor
e. If you have not trained in Apprentice Cooking, speak to the cooking trainer there to learn Apprentice Cooking and the Spice Bread recipe.
f. Make a cooking fire and cook Spice Bread until level 40.
g. Learn Spiced Bread Stuffing recipe (from the Bountiful Cookbook).
h. Cook Spiced Bread Stuffing until level 75.
i. Speak to the cooking trainer again to learn Journeyman Cooking (and any available recipes if you would like to have them).
j. Keep cooking Spice Bread Stuffing until level 100 (or recipe turns green)
k. Learn the Pumpkin Pie recipe from the Bountiful Cookbook.
l. Cook Pumpkin Pie until level 150.
m. Learn expert cooking from the cooking trainer.
n. Cook Pumpkin Pie until the recipe turns green (around level 163-165)..
o. Learn Cranberry Chutney recipe from the Bountiful Cookbook and grab any of the daily quests you want to if you are doing them as well.
p. ***If you are doing the dailies, then I suggest going into Elwynn Forest and killing at least 20 wild turkeys before proceeding,
q. Take the Deep Run Tram, Fly, or Hearth (if your hearthstone is set to Ironforge) to Ironforge. Proceed to the front entrance corridor of Ironforge. Pick up and complete the dailies you want.
r. Buy 100 Tangy Wetland Cranberries + 60 Honey.
s. Cook Cranberry Chutney until level 225.
t. Speak to the cooking trainer and learn Artisan Cooking then learn the Candied Sweet Potato recipe from the Bountiful Cookbook.
u. Take the Deep Run Tram or hearth back to Stormwind and proceed to Stormwind Harbor and catch the boat to Rut'theran Village. (far left dock). The boat runs every 3-4 minutes.
v. Proceed up the path into Darnassus and to the Warrior's Terrace.
w. Buy 100 Teldrassil Sweet Potatoes +100 Autumnal Herbs + 60 Honey.
x. Cook Candied Sweet Potatoes until level 280.
y. ***If you got the wild turkeys, cook them now until level 300.
y. Complete any daily quests and hearth or take boat back to Stormwind.
z. ***If you want to level to 300, you will need to kill 20 wild turkeys in Elwynn Forest for the last 20 points.

2. Companion Pets -

  • Frightened Bush Chicken - This pet was added in 2014 and has a chance to drop from Pilgrim's Bounty which is a reward option from each of the 5 event daily cooking quests.
  • Turkey Cage (Plump Turkey) - granted for completing the Pilgrim achievement and has a cute animation (if you get it too near a campfire, it will sense it's destiny and run into the fire and roast itself---lol!!)


3. ToySilver-Plated Turkey Shooter covers the target in feathers. This toy was added in 2014 and drops from Pilgrim's Bounty, one of the reward options for completing the event cooking dailies.

4. Cosmetic Armor -  The first 5 pieces are quest reward options from completing the event daily quests.

5. Reputation Buff - The Spirit of Sharing buff grants a 10% reputation bonus and stacks with other reputation bonuses!! It lasts 1 hour. You get the buff after eating 5 stacks of all the food(Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes, Pie, Stuffing, & Turkey) at a Bountiful Table. This is super great for those of us trying to get rep for Draenor flying!!

**The Pilgrim's Bounty achievements do not count towards the 'What A Long Strange Trip It's Been' achievement that rewards the Violet Proto-Drake mount.

Deepholm Quest - Quicksilver Submersion

Quicksilver Submersion is one of those rare spy quests where you camouflage yourself and eavesdrop on the enemy. Don't you just love those?

This one takes place in Upper Silver Marsh and requires you to loot a Trogg crate and then disguise yourself using the crate to eavesdrop on the Twilight Hammer's Camp in the eastern end of the Upper Marsh.

The Trogg crate is located at 71,64 and is surrounded by mobs. There is also a wooden fence by the crates. Kill the mobs and loot the crate.

Once you have the crate, go to 75,65. Millhouse Manastorm and some ogres are standing in front of a tent with two purple lampposts on either side of the entrance. There is also a small island directly across the water from the tent.

Equip the crate and enter the water and swim to the area to Millhouse Manastorm's left and the cinematic should begin. Milhouse is small and hard to see but he is located on the left if you are facing the Ogre tent.

Watch the cinematic.

Deepholm Quest - The Forgemaster's Log

This is a fairly straightforward quest but I just wanted to add a couple of screenshots to visually show the location. The Forgemaster's Log  is located at 63.55 in the top of the tower. If you are flying here from the slave area, the yellow question mark is not readily visible until you fly past the tower.

I wasn't able to fly straight in. Instead I had to use the ramp entrance.